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OTTO 1/18 Ford RS200 Groupe B OT679

OTTO 1/18 Ford RS200 Groupe B OT679

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Without Stuart Turner (the big cheese of the Ford competition) the RS200 would probably never have seen the light of day, as when he arrived at the head of the sports department the Escort Group B was nearly complete. He told them to start over, and out of this order came a simple, yet performative design: 4-wheel drive, central engine, and turbo. The RS200 was above all else original and unique. The first unit was presented at the Frankfurt show of 1985 after numerous delays; the 200th - essential to be allowed into rallying – would be completed quite literally the day before the FIA called.

Reference: OT679
Units : 2000
Scale : 1/18th
Color : Lombard Rally (RAC)